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Streamer, Hobbyist NodeJS / Web Dev

HI👋Akanixon here,

I am a part-time Streamer on twitch.tv/akanixon and a hobbyist NodeJS and Web Developer. I'm streaming Tuesday's and Thursday's starting at 3pm CET and develop Bots, Apps and API's on autocode.com

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Multiplayer web development

Autocode is a toolkit for building amazing bots, apps and websites with APIs. Connect to Discord, Twitch, Slack and more of your favorite games and apps in minutes.

Here you find a friendly ever expanding open source community which is willing to help you on your journey to becomming a developer.

Contribute your own code snippets or check out the hundreds of code examples built by other community members. If you can dream it, you can build it!




Dev-Blog #005 Creating thread on Autocode using Puppeteer and Directus

So..... I had a thought, what if we could create, edit and delete thread's on Autocode with code?
Some might say: But we don't have an API that allows us do that.
To which I say: True but does there need to be an API for that?


Introduction to the Utilities API

Ever wanted to have timers that run for longer than your project's timeout setting?
Have a custom payload for schedulers or even pause them?
Or create a database without having the care about hosting?


Dev-Blog #004 Featured Streamer at Chillbeets

As some of you might have seen on Twitter or Autocode, I have been quite busy with commissions. One of which got shared in Ethan's latest VibeCheck: Community Spotlight 2nd Issue
So what was it?


How to Planetscale

As many of you know, using Google Sheets, KV and AirTable is not getting you far,
as soon as you want to create a public bot or work with large amounts of data.
For those cases databases are the perfect solution, you can selfhost them,


Creation of a Bot using google sheets as storage for questions and anwsers.
Allowing more than 9000 Users to access a FAQ via slash commands in multiple languages.

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ChillBeets is a royalty free record lable for streamers and content-creators. The projected focus arround reworking the "Featured Streamer" page, making it very easy to manage and unique. A combination of Autocode and a dedicated server has been used to serve that content

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The first project where I worked with the Roblox API and created a game that sends information back to the Discord Bot to create a custom verification system for more than 1000 Users.

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Enigma is a highly customisable selfhost discord bot featuring:

  • Twitch Addon
    (Chat bot, going Live Notification and Follower Role Sync)
  • Twitter Addon
    (Going live Tweet, including Display Name change)
  • Button interaction based ReactionRoles
  • User verification using Captcha
  • Suggestion Submissions using Modals
  • VoiceHub

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Main Features:
- Timer
- create one time only timers which send a request to the desired endpoint when the time comes
- Scheduler
- schedule tasks with a custom payload, task can be halted, restarted and edited
- Database
- create a database using the Autocode account

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